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Featured in American Way Magazine

Upon receiving several E Mails from someone who claimed to be a writer and wanted to meet with me, I sent them right in the trash along with all the other suspect mail I get.  However, as this person became more insistent and increasingly indignant, I decided to respond.

This person turned out to be Mark Henricks who is indeed a writer and author, and an exceptionally good one as I have come to find out.  He insisted I work with him firsthand in my profession as a Daily Money Manager, in order for him to write his article for the American Airlines in-flight magazine.


Financial Harassment by Charitable Organizations

I've been working with seniors lately who are struggling with being bombarded with charitable organizations looking for money. One of my clients, an older gentleman was donating to 12 charities at over $400.00 a month which was a lot for him. He likes to give to charity but the amount of mail and phone calls lead to confusion of how much and to whom he was giving.  I worked with him to pick 3 of his favourite charities and called all the others to tell them to cease and desist. Do watch out for the seniors in your life and keep them safe from this sort of abuse.


Saving Those Pennies Where We Can

One of the first things that I do in working with my clients is to go through expenses with a “tooth comb” to make sure that we are not needlessly spending money.  In today’s economy it becomes important to look for savings, especially for seniors who are usually on a fixed income.  I have to say that I have always been able to save money somewhere.  For me it becomes a treasure hunt and I love to do it!


Religion and Aging

In the last few decades there has been increasing interest in the positive relationship between aging and spirituality. Scientists have concluded that spirituality increases with age when we become more in tune with becoming “human beings” rather than “human doings.”

For many, having a rich spiritual life is key to a vital old age, and studies indicate there is a strong connection with spirituality, and emotional and physical health. Those who have strong religious practices are shown to live an average of seven years longer than non-practicing elders. They are also less likely to succumb to illness and depression.

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