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Featured in American Way Magazine

Upon receiving several E Mails from someone who claimed to be a writer and wanted to meet with me, I sent them right in the trash along with all the other suspect mail I get.  However, as this person became more insistent and increasingly indignant, I decided to respond.

This person turned out to be Mark Henricks who is indeed a writer and author, and an exceptionally good one as I have come to find out.  He insisted I work with him firsthand in my profession as a Daily Money Manager, in order for him to write his article for the American Airlines in-flight magazine.

I brought my skills to his office which on arrival was stacked with paper, books and other dusty memorabilia.  His desk was a fright.  Under all that mountain he claimed was a rolling pin which I honestly never saw.  I secretly found all the clutter rather endearing.  After all don’t all great writers live under a pile of paper? I pointed out to him that in order to find out where we are going, we have to find out where we’ve been which involved tackling the mountain.

After several cups of tea we embarked on purging the mounds and sorting and filing the rest. When the surroundings were looking less awful we started to review what I affectionately call the “innies and “outties”.  The object of our financial lives is to hopefully have the innies exceed the outties.  Both categories took a tooth-comb like review with a focus on organizing bill payment, recognizing billing errors and overall cutting needless expenses. I left Mark with some homework, for which he achieved at least a passing grade on my next visit.  We certainly found some places where he gained more “bang for the buck” and also saved a goodly amount of dollars on a monthly basis. That’s one of my goals and I can say I achieve it on a regular basis. Most importantly his finances and paperwork are organized which will bode well for a healthier financial future.

Do read Mark’s article here (PDF).  It’s quite wonderful and gives a great description of what I do as a money manager and why you should give me a call.  My first consultation is free when we can discuss how I can be of assistance.  I still don’t know what happened to the rolling pin – but if I have it I will be rolling some crumpets to have with our tea!


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