About Me


Elizabeth Ball, the owner of Managing Your Matters is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, being committed to the Association’s Code of Ethics

Having an established business in Austin since 2009, Elizabeth provides a wealth of experience and expertise to her entire range of clients.

Elizabeth is also a specialist in the field of senior care, and is licensed with the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. Throughout her career, she has worked extensively with the elderly and infirm. 

Elizabeth has a Certificate of Accounting from the University of London and is an active member of notable financial and business groups in Austin. 

  • Member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers 
  • Certified Senior Advisor with up-to-date training
  • ElderCare Matters
  • Certificate of Accounting from the University of London

What is a Daily Money Manager?


Often I am asked "What exactly is a Daily Money Manager?"  

Well, I am the person who deals with the tedious stuff that we either hate or struggle doing.  The day to day paperwork, bills, insurance, health claims, vehicle registration, tax items...the list goes on!    

My clients can be business people, who don't want to arrive home on Friday after a busy week and face looking  through bills, credit card and bank statements.  

I work with busy families who need help with organizing bills and budgeting.

I have other clients that although they live independently have some deficits perhaps from illness, or disability that cause concern when dealing with finances.  Often family members are struggling to provide assistance.

The elderly particularly have a difficult time in todays world of technology trying to keep up with finances and personal issues.  

It is confusing and they are particularly vulnerable to financial abuse.